How to Acquire Customers Online?

Getting customers online can be a tricky process itself, especially for a young start-up, entrepreneur or a new business. How to optimize the ads investment, what social media network remains the best, how should online marketing be carried out, all these questions are to be revised correctly so that a considerable number of customers visit you online and a mutual relationship can be built overtime.

Here’s a Simple Guide to Help You Start in The Right Direction:

• Start a blog! Blogging is very essential for the venture: When you will start updating quality content on a regular basis, the search engines will let you connect with the potential customers apart from ranking your page higher in the search.

• Use SEO effectively: This technique aims at optimizing your search results naturally without the use of paid ads. Content, links and whole structure of the site should be taken care of.

• Use the power of linking – Internal, Inbound and External: When you link one page or blog to another page on your own website, make sure this internal linking is strong using relevant anchor text. Provide external links to other content or blog from time to time. That’s how networking is done and you will get inbound links from their sites to your site.

• Keyword researching: Be relevant and updated towards the specific keywords which generate traffic to a business in your field. Use them extensively yet judiciously.

• Take help of social media tools: Create your own story that is appealing to the customer and he is compelled to visit/test your business. Since the social networking arena has made it possible to connect to a thousands of users at one time, make sure your story is heard and people take interest. This may constitute pages on Facebook, regular tweets on Twitter, media sharing on Pinterest, Instagram etc.

• Create better customer emailing system for your business: Go for eye catching newsletters or content that a user would want to read. Note: If not implemented correctly, the customer might end up thinking that you are unnecessarily spamming him/her. So, it’s a powerful mechanism to build relationships but can come with a cost.

• Use analytical tools: When all the other things have been done, it is now turn to analyze if the results are what you expected, if your venture is attracting enough customers. There are a plenty of analytical software and tools available apart from general Google Analytics to give you a better insight about the user behavior. For instance, Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics etc provide details about the heatmaps, clicks of the users, referrers, scroll maps covering different aspects of your website/page.

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