9 Great Apps for Blogging from Your iPhone

There is something to be said for working from home. When you’re a blogger you can set your own schedule and march to the beat of your own drummer. The only real downfall to blogging is figuring out what to do when inspiration strikes and your trusty computer is not with you. Never fear, bloggers of the universe. For if you have an iPhone then you have access to incredible apps that will keep your blogging on track whether you’re at home or standing in line at the nearest fast food joint. Here are the top nine apps for blogging.


1. WordPress

WordPress offers free blogs and now they offer a free app to keep that blog updated. Inquisitive minds want to know what’s going on in your blog and they’re looking for regular updates. Whether your passion is fashion or the rough and tumble world of election-time politics, the free WordPress app will allow you to manage and update your WordPress or self-hosted blog directly from your phone.

2. Tumblr

Designed specifically for use with Tumblr, this app is ideal for uploading pictures, adding quotes and making other update to your tumblelog. Video and audio that are captured on your phone can be uploaded directly to the Tumble, allowing you to keep your hungry visitors well-fed with regular updates and new information.


3. iBlogger

This app costs a nominal fee of $9.99, but it provides you with tons of cool features. In addition to allowing you access to different blogging services and engines, you can also it in conjunction with MovableType, Drupal, WordPress and TypePad. Create your scathing and fascinating posts while adding pictures, tags and links to your blog. A must-have for serious bloggers who are on the go, you will never again miss out if inspiration strikes when you are away from the computer.

4. Squarespace

If you have a blog with Squarespace then you will want to sign up for this amazing app. You can manage multiple sites, create new accounts and post whatever fantastic thoughts and emotions that are just burning inside you. Add images, view the site and make the changes that you need to keep it interesting and keep your loyal readers coming back.

5. BlogPress

Bloggers who love MSN, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, Drupal, LiveJournal, WordPress and Joomla will want to download this affordable, $2.99 application. You can upload multiple images from the convenience of your phone and send a single entry to multiple blogs with one click. It can be used in landscape mode, allowing you to take advantage of a larger keyboard. Whether you are trying to manage tags, categories, labels or publish dates, BlogPress will keep you in charge and running strong.

6. CoverItLive iPhone

If your passion is live audio and video, then this free app is a must-have for your iPhone. It’s geared to journalists and media companies, but it will allow anyone to record up to one minute of live action and then upload it to your blog. It even allows bloggers to manage the reader comments from the portable convenience of their phone.

7. Pen My Blog

This free tool is designed to work with Blogger.com. You can make the necessary changes to your posts to keep things interesting and fun. Create new posts, edit old ones and delete the ones that nobody cares about anymore.

8. HubPages

Designed to interface with HubPages blogs, this free app will allow you to manage comments, post new blog entries, deal with forums or hubs and more. Get the stats on your Hub while your out at dinner than go Hub Hopping while you’re waiting for the check with this convenient app.

9. Bluepulse

Designed for micro bloggers, this app gives you power over not only posting the blog, but also who the blog post will be sent to. Attach pictures to your uploads to keep things interesting and keep your readers coming back for more.

Whether you are microblogging or prefer the traditional blogging rants, keeping your blog current and fresh is vital. Your readers will lose interest if the material is not updated regularly. Take advantage of those little moments that inspire you when you’re away from home by loading some of these blogging apps into iPhone. Then prepare to take your blog right out of the hemisphere.


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