4 Golden Rules to Dress Web Content for Success

We all know that typography, which is the skill of controlling the written form is given substantial esteem in the world of print, but when the question comes to web, hardly much significance is revealed. According to web conversion specialists, persuasive copy is a critical factor to any profitable website. A good sales copy can very easily augment a web page’s conversion rate almost by two hundred percent. Let us review four essential ways by which you can keep your web typography look elegant.

4 Golden Rules

1. Breaking Font Fence

In the crowd of outmoded web design rules, the “web safe fonts” have now legitimately joined the position of “web safe colors”. Collections of new potential are now possible through resources like Google Webfonts. This site offers surfeit of free quality fonts that you can implant right in your website. The only thing that you have to do is to choose any font of your fondness from the collection they have and provide code and instructions as to how to include it into your CSS. To avoid these fonts from impacting the page load time, it is recommended by Google that using too many font styles at the same time should be readily avoided. The main mantra is to keep the body text readable, straightforward and save the fancy fonts only for the headlines.


2. Leading

When it comes to the print world, one of the tattletale signs of a recruit designer is the usage of automatic leading, which puts the lines of text too close up jointly for body text, while reconciling the body text too remote from the headline after a twice return. Leading is important because in that case, body text will appear more attractive, open and readable, while the headers will seem more combined with their matching body text when there isn’t much opening between them. As the web has a huge base of raring to go users, it is extremely essential to hold concentration by making the text as decipherable as possible.

3. Color for Advantage

You can use color suppleness for better benefit as web safe fonts are things of history. Most of the users begin by gliding over the web page and if not anything grasps their concentration they do not waste much time to move on. You can catch user’s attention by using popular colors in the headlines. It should be seen that your main points in your site should be easily legible to the target audiences. Try to utilize the line-height property to insert space among lines of body text and always try to make use of the ever-useful top and bottom border properties to regulate the space among header and text. While, it is true that choosing color alone is not enough but then the choice is also same way important. Give a simple color to the body text, if possible a nonaligned color. Preference should be given that users should be able to read out the text easily.

4. Alignment

Whenever users enter into a website, the primary thing that catches their concentration is alignment. Always try to keep the text-align: center property in your toolbox for restricted use. Try and think extraordinary graphic fundamentals and headers only. The eye always looks for the straight lines in design automatically and a good design has components that are aligned with each other.

By following all these four golden rules, you can easily create extraordinary alignments for your web content and ultimately impress all your target audience and convert them into potential customers, which is of course your ultimate goal.


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This guest post is contributed by John Smith, who works as an E-Marketing Executive for Invoicera, an online invoicing and time tracking software which is exclusively designed keeping online invoicing and simplicity in mind.

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