3D Handycam By Sony

Introducing the first ever 3D Digital Handycam from sony and the sony HDR-TD10 was the one of the 3D product which is going to be slashed in the market soon in the end of this 2011 with a quite solid design and had some of the impressive features like built in 3D functionality.

Sony 3D Handycam


Well the HDR-TD10 as said 3d has a 3d recording which has a 10x optical zoom for the 3D mode. And 12x zoom for an 2D mode.

Focal Range: 29.8-35.6mm
Maximum APATURE: f/1.8-10.0h
Focal Range: (34mmequivalent) 29. To 34.8 mm
Advanced Zoom: 12x
Optical: 10x zoom
Size: 1/4th Inch
Gross Pixels: 4.2 Mega pixels
Effective: 3.5 Mega pixels


In the front there is a front two sided lenses is much capable of capturing the 3d content. With1920x1080 FULL HD 60/24 fps recording and the plus is you never need a glasses for the 3d viewing you can directly view it from the device lcd screen and the camera can be easily switched between the any 3d compatible viewers and can also been played in 2d. Just as it the 3d when thought in 3d could possibly get in the full hd 3D and the handycam is a 3d ready 3.5 inch extra fine lcd display on board of the camcorder lcd which can be seen without glasses which had a infused with a TRUE BLACK feature. Whatever you are recording or reviewing the coolest thing id the switch of the 3d mode recording and the viewing.

Well this device as it is rated at a hefty sum of $ 1500 dollars.


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