3 Reasons to Join Pinterest

Have you ever thought of gathering and organizing tons of attractive images you find online? How about the idea of bookmarking a link to share to your friends? Well, Pinterest has it for you.

This growing social sharing site, which was voted as one of Time Magazine’s best websites of 2011, has endless potentials because of its viral nature. It is incredibly addicting as it is easy user-friendly and fun. Here are just 5 of the several reasons to love Pinterest.

1. Organized Bookmarking: Bookmarking is fun with Pinterest. Aside from it helps you save the images you find online in one single board, you can also bookmark any photo of your choice directly from the website you visited.

You can even organize pins onto themed files. For an instance, when you have a collection of favorite sneakers from one site, you can organize these pins onto your Sneakers Board or something similar, like Fashion Board in general.

Unlimited boards can be created about anything that may interest you. This is one of its endless possibilities why people love Pinterest.

2. Sharing Made Easy and Fun: Gone are the days when people were downloading images and sharing them to friends. With this newest social sharing and social networking site, you can share pins to your friends via E-mail and other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

One of Interest’s best features is having other people manage your boards. This only means that one can actually add new pins to someone else’s boards as a contributor.

3. A Cool Way to Socialize: Socializing is fun at Pinterest. Aside from being able to share pins to your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you can also socialize within the network. You can invite other friends to join and follow you on Pinterest using Pin Buttons. You can also like and comment on your friend’s pins. This way, you’ll also be able to find out what interests them the most by visiting their profiles and following their boards.

Pinterest also has a Mention feature which allows users to mention friends by tagging their names into a certain pin. This also helps the other person being tagged discover new pins.


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