YouTube Website Redesigned With More Focus on Channel

Video streaming website giant YOUTUBE had more had put on the core of the members services like channel by choosing up the celebrity or the specific member. More of the central aim of the left column is to get the easily feeds to the social networks such as the face book or Google + the experts also stated that the people can also get on some longer times on the site.

And around the 17 hours of an official release of the video clip GET MORE INTO YOUTUBE link of the video and disgracefully 6, 03035 views there are 12.635 dislikes and jus only 3808 LIKES TO THE CLIP and compared to earlier the layout is been messy and one of the user that had commented on the video was “RIP youtube” and some did complimented for the changes neither.



And the Google in their blog had posted that they had changed the site for the new focusing on the more entertainment, Blog Link But might be in the future there can be some tweaks to the website which it can be depend on the users response and the best is highlighting the share buttons to the face book and GOOGLE + which make the users share their videos without leaving the page and adds to it Google says that it attracts a listing viewers of whooping 3 billion clip views per day.

But whatever is the feel of the website is fresh and been more of it updated and the you toube should also be move forward to create more like for example TV services. these kinds of services does attact the users and advertisers.


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