Windows 8 Developer Version Preview VS Windows 7

Are you so curious about the WINDOWS 8, MICROSOFT has unveiled and hear the windows 8 preview is out you can try with your hands on and if you were so enthusiast want to experience hear is a good news for you hear a copy of preview developers version of windows 8 is out officially and you don’t need to go for the pirate bay torrent downloads all the apps and metro styled layout and multi ole apps it is all so tempting.

And why don’t you have a try of this os with yourself, these are available jus for a click away LOOK AT IT YOURSELF? Test it yourself along side with an optional developers tool with WINDOWS 8 32bit /64bit versions.

Windows 8



Well there are no such issues now for the compatibility till now with the innovative features for the windows 8 consumers.


Well about now windows 7 64bit version is capable of support of a maximum of 192GB of ram if the windows 8 is 128 bit operating system rather support 512 GB of ram which is extremely well for the server runners.


In windows 7 security is admirable and is more famous than vista and the security levels are also named as windows 8 security insertions which can safely insertions and enhances the firewall to the windows 8.


In the windows 8 the boot time have an improvement and the booting up is instant togging back from the hibernation mode where as the booting and sleep mode or hibernation is sluggish.

In windows 7


The windows 8 is more intended to the TABLET PC and well the all features and all the aaps are not all will be there in the FINAL EDITION as of now if you really want to get some reviewing it go get it from the above links but any ways MICROSOFT had a promise to improve with windows 8 any ways still the windows 8 is in its infancy ,let it be up to its claim well in the each TEST windows 8 WON in booting time which was quick surprisingly which just booting in 10seconds where compared with windows 7 was 35seconds.

Windows 7 VS Windows 8

Windows 7 VS Windows 8

Watch Building “Windows 8”


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  1. windows 7 was in my opinion the best operating system able and now windows 8 seems to be even better. I’m not a fan of the Metro look but I’m sure it will be a treat for tablet users. It was time Microsoft came with something better than Windows Phone on the mobile market!

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