Wikipedia Again Among Top 10 Websites in The World

Our all time favorite knowledge pool remains among the best after bearing the ups and down of this internet age for a decade straight. Yes, its Wikipedia, again among the top 10 most visited web sites in the world. People and editors are happy with the reviews. Though there are critics who prefer a change in the interface which has not undergone any reformation since its onset. To bring a new wave of life with more user-friendly designs, people all over the world are pouring their suggestions.


‘Wikimania’, an event to tap such hints took place in Washington last week where hundreds of members of the Wiki Community discussed new methods to improve the site. A two-day event ‘Hackathon’ where computer programmers and other graphics designers, software developers and managers collaborate on projects also specifically aimed at this purpose.

Some people were largely of the opinion that the unchanged open-source online encyclopedia is in need of an upgradation, owing to the development in the social media networking where people are gradually shifting towards Facebook and Twitter. A software engineer from Germany, Sebastian Wallroth commented that the site looks like it’s 10 years old. He further added that this is the source of problem since people find it difficult to upload and edit content as compared to other user-friendly sites. Another graduate from Virginia Tech agreed that the site needs updations to be more compatible to its users. A volunteer for Wikipedia also conformed to these views, saying that although it’s a powerful tool but the interface is old, so need rectification.

The Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales finally pointed that the site’s future plans will be worked out and in a collaborative manner. “These decisions won’t be authoritarian and at Wikipedia, we respect core values, like free and open internet”, he added. So, over and above, everybody agreed that the site needs to take up some measures to encourage general participation.

Wikipedia currently has editions in 285 languages and around 100,000 active contributors. To keep this involvement at the same level, it is necessary to make the process as simple as possible. There are people who have got some good content to add but are fended off by a difficult procedure to upload the content. Wikipedia’s initiative is to introduce a “visual” editor for people with low computer skills soon.

At last, what everybody is demanding is just some really needed changes, taking care that the trusted source doesn’t become commercial in the process.


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Source: The Times of India!


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