Wikipedia, Reddit Blackout to Protest SOPA and Protect IP Act

The internet is the one of the robust growing industries it enables free open communication among billions and it is been the backbone most protest among the world.


Private corporations want the ability to shut down the unauthorized site where people download movies TV shows and music since these sites were outside the US so protect ip uses the couple of different tactics with in American borders firstly it gives the government the power to block the access to the infringing domain names, they can also sue US based search engines, or even blogs or forums directories to have links links to these sites removed.

Secondly protect ip cut off the funds to infringing websites by heading US based advertisers payment based services to cancel their account ,in and out that’s whats the protect ip try to do.

Wikipedia Blackout

Wikipedia Blackout

But for the starters it won’t stop downloader’s still be able to can access a blocked site just by entering its ip address instead of its name, protect ip will do is cripple new startups, these law suits can easily bankrupt the search engines and the social media sites and protect ip is wording ambiguous enough that important social media website could become targets.

Now the government of us can just block any site foreign or domestic sites, for just one infringing link so the users of the Facebook twitter and Facebook would have to censor their users or have to get shut down since they were become liable for everything users post.

An ordinary user could go to jail for the five years for posting the copyrighted work –even if you just sing a pop song. So to fight against this the Wikipedia had gone for a blackout for 24 hrs and the reedit is also goes dark for 12hrs to raise awareness of the two bills H.R.3261 “Stop Online Piracy Act” and S.968 “PROTECT IP”.

Many of the sites that you may use (e.g. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.) are all affected by this law and will be required to hide offending domains from you. If a non-U.S. site is blocked in the U.S., the site could suffer financially or even be bankrupted by the loss of U.S. traffic and revenue.


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