Upcoming Gadgets of 2012

There is no limit to the Technology which is elevating to peaks day by day and last year was to be the best of the years for the smart phones and the ultraportable and the tablets and the legacy is getting continued by now as now we peak in to the future Upcoming Gadgets in The 2012.

Upcoming Gadgets of 2012

Upcoming Gadgets of 2012

PlayStation Vita

We already did reviewed about this upcoming gadget and this gadget is soon available in us and uk in February.

iPhone 5

The gossips do dominate as in that rumors are started that the apple is been announcing their iPhone 5.

iPad 3

The iPad which had revolutionized the marked of tablets which it had launched its iPad in 2010 and then after releasing the iPad 2 in the 2011 and we can expect the I pad 3 in the stores after couple of months. And this is not yet been confirmed but and it is also been said that it has a faster processor and a higher resolution and can also be available in 7 and 10 inch screens respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This Samsung galaxy award winning phone in the year 2011 and also the nexus launch made the s2 Samsung a bit older so rumors s around are Samsung galaxy 3 will have a faster processor and can be the more powerful that we cant be get imagine.


Now when you buy a laptop now like one look like macbook air where many of the companies are planned to loose their weight of their laptops and to be expected to launch the ultra portables and sure your next laptop will be thin.


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