How Can You Trace Back a Stolen Laptop

TRACE DOWN A STOLEN LAPTOP yes! You heard is right yet you can now, and everyday thousand of laptop were being stolen across the whole world and these number of growing laptop stolen cases were being so worried naturally and hear in this kind of tutorial we does show you how can you get track of a stolen laptop. And note if your laptop is already gone this tutorial will won’t work.


If you are wanted to secure the laptop now get this small scrip run in your system now. And all these brilliant piece of credit will do go for the people at dropbox services forum who did came up with an ingenious solutions and they did had made a small script that which does track the IP address of the users laptop by using the help of Net stat, whatismyip.com report IP config etc and does send the information to your dropbox account if does somebody does access the internet with the stolen laptop we can have their location details.

And this script do work in the all the platforms of Linux Windows and Mac and all would you have to do is to install the script onto your laptop and if you don’t have a drop box account yet create it from here dropbox.com and what after the installing? You need to run the script once in awhile but the drawbacks are if the stolen laptop is got it hard disk formatted before accessing the internet then this thick does not work.


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