Top 5 Free Android Apps for You


AndroidBeing one of the most advanced devices of our new age, Android enhances the demand of the modern generation. This generation, which is better known as “generation Y”, wants faster, smarter and more developed devices in their hands. Android, with all its extraordinary features and modern applications, can fulfill these demands. With the advent of modern technologies, the craving for more improved apps is increasing day by day. People now want something that can make their lives easier than before.

This is known to all that Android phones come with lots of apps and other fascinating features. This is the reason why people love to have such high quality phones in their hands. However, some of these apps are free and some need to be bought from the market. The free apps are not less exciting than the paid ones. If you want to know about top 5 free Android apps then you need to read this article carefully.

Amazing Free Apps:

1. Facebook Home: This is one of the free Android apps that have a huge fan following in the market. Facebook Home is a free app which is actually a social network’s launcher for occupying the home screens of Android Smartphone. Updates and pictures from your friends can be put at the front and center of your Android phone with the help of this app.

2. MyGlass: This is another highly creative app for the Android device. This fantastic app enables the users to organize and run their Google MyGlass (an Eyewear) from their Android phones. There is a vast fan following of this device since the Eyewear becomes popular day by day.

3. Libon: Libon is the gift of Orange. It is a promising app with “visual voicemail that does it all”. This simply means free “Voice-over-IP” calls as well as the feature of instant messaging. The app comes with a feature of voicemail to handle all the calls when you’re not able to answer them. The answer was given through text messages and email notifications. It is easy to use.

4. CSR Racing: This is originally a racing game and obtained huge popularity as one of the biggest iOS blasts in 2012. Now you can enjoy this exciting racing game on your Android phone. You can buy, upgrade and take part in races with a number of superior cars from manufacturers like BMW, Audi and others.

5. Tripomatic City Guides and Maps: Tripomatic is one of the most popular personalized travel guide apps. This app is very much useful for those who travel frequently. It provides great guidelines to more than 40 thousand tourist attractions in 300 holiday destinations all around the globe. You can use this fantastic Android app to plan your tours.

These are the top 5 free Android apps that can change your days dramatically and help you to enjoy a smoother life, and every bit of it. Since these apps are free, so you do not need to get worried about your budget while using these awesome Android apps.


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