How to Make ‘Thank You’ Page in Contact Form 7

WordPress Tips

The Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress is recognized as one of the best for providing users with an inquiry form on WordPress installations. If you are using this plugin, you know very well about it. It’s secure and fast form to use in wordpress site. Have you ever think to make “Thank You” page? whenever visitor fill your form after that they will get a thank you page. If you want, can make thank you page easily.

Follow these steps :

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard, and go to the settings page for the Contact Form 7 plugin.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and ‘show’ the Additional Settings

3. Insert the following code:
on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘http://www.hotnewsworld.com/thank-you/’);”

Obviously replacing ‘www.hotnewsworld.com/thank-you/’ with the URL to your website thank you page.

Once you save the settings, that is all you should have to do. When a user fill the form, they will be redirected to your customized thank you page.


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