Test Batch for Smart TVs in the Labs of Apple [Rumor]

Apple corp. has apparently begun the production process for their first archetypes of the long-awaited connected TV sets. Actually, one of the Apple’s abroad facilities is supposed to be organizing for a production process that will commence afterward this year.

As rumored, the Apple’s primary production plan will take place in one of Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory. A trial production will be launched that will produce a few assembly-line archetypes, after which will be converted to design test authentication phases.

Apple TV, an anticipated full blown television, is now being expected and awaited to be released in the market. Even though Apple TV is not officially launched yet, there are many other rumors that will really stimulate the public’s appetite about the overpowering capabilities of the product when it will be finally released.

Apple is said to be preparing a better version with new features and a more complete version of the operating system that drives its Apple TV set-top box. It is said that the Apple TV is about to dominate that rumored HD TV set. The so-called “smart TV” is about to merge television with Internet and the cloud.

Apple TV

Apple TV Rumors from time to time:

Over the past few years, a connected Apple TV has been quite rumored and served as a hot topic for the technology geeks after biographer/writer Mr. Walter Isaacson publicized the claims of Apple’s R.I.P CEO Mr. Steve Jobs that he has disclosed the secret to a plain HDTV. He also imagined the Apple TV to be synced accurately with other devices and the iCloud service.

In the beginning of this month, Foxconn’s Chairman Mr. Terry Gou also discussed that they are setting things up for an Apple TV, however the development process has not yet initiated. He issued a statement after a few days in which he said: “any reports that Foxconn confirmed that it is preparing to produce a specific product for any customers are not accurate.”

So that leaves us in a big doubt!


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