Strengthen Your Wi-Fi Network: Avoid Network Stealers

Having a wireless network at home or in any establishments is very convenient because you can share information and access the internet without having trouble. It easier to connect to the internet using different devices simultaneously when you are using Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi unlike when you are connected to LAN. But are you sure that you are the only one enjoying the pleasure of your Wi-Fi connection? Sometimes without realizing it, there are people who are secretly connecting to your network like they have a share to the bandwidth that you are paying. If you think your wireless network is not secured enough then it is the time for you to take action, the following are the ways on how to secure your Wi-Fi connection.


• Turn off your Wi-Fi’s visibility: The first thing that should do is to make sure that you are not broadcasting your SSID (Service Set Identifier), it the name of your network. People usually search for hotspots so if your SSID is visible, they will find it and will eventually try to connect to it. You may also want to change the SSID from time to time to confuse other unknown users. All of these are can be found in your router’s wireless network settings.

• Password Protect your Wi-Fi: If you want to limit the users of your wireless network, you need to protect it with a password. In this case, the only ones who know the password are the only ones who can access the network. You can also double protect your wireless network by hiding your SSID and at the same time creating a password.

• IP Address Filtering: By the time a device connects with your network, the router gives the device a temporary IP address. To limit the usage of the network, you have to assign a static IP address in every device so that those addresses are the only ones that are allowed to connect to your network.

• MAC Address Filtering: A MAC Address is a unique address that is on your hardware or device. By using MAC filtering, you can track the devices that are connected or connecting to your network. You can specify the MAC address of the devices that are allowed to connect to your network to make sure that there are no network stealers.

These are just simple techniques to secure your Wi-Fi network, if you want to be totally protected, there are many software that are available in the market which you can use.


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  1. Excellent simple advice to keep unknown users off your system. It’s amazing how some people leave their networks open. Like what’s happened with Google;s collection of data WiFi information in the StreetView project. If they were password proetced that wouldn’t have happened. Several lawsuits have come from that.

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