Speaktoit Assistant for Your Android Device

Have you impressed with the SIRI but you already own a android yes this is for you who have an ANDROID Mobile with you GO to the GOOGLE MARKET from your android mobile and search for an app name speaktoit assistant what is this application is? all about….

Speaktoit Assistant. This work with your Smartphone well for all the searching like Weather, Photos, Measurements, Mathematics, Convert Currencies a lot more.

Speaktoit Assistant

Well looking for an alternate for the SIRI which is a app in I phone 4s. Well we got it alternative name called” speaktoit Assistant”.

Well the many people’s are been so curious about the app after the launch of the SIRI. mostly the Android users and the android had come up with a version called “Wizard Speaktoit Assistant” which is much more same like the siri.

And the best part is if you have already own a Android mobile you can just simply go get the app from the Google market and you never need to change your mobile it’s a same as it is.. And more of every word. The best thing is I have been using is the jus speak to the assistant FACEBOOK UPDATE. And in just no time it will update your status. if you are a face book fan you love this feature of it.

Well more over this app is a beta version and this comes free go grab this app and get go hands on.

Speaktoit have many abilities like Talk, Find something, Call, Send, Music, Tell about, Organize, Translate, Calculate and Check-in.

You can download it from here. And for more information log on to www.speaktoit.com


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