Sony PlayStation Introduces Wonderbook, The AR Ebook For Kids Complete With Harry Potter Content

Sony Playstation tend to be designed for teens/adults. But their newly introduced Wonderbook appears very interesting. This Wonderbook is an interactive book using augmented reality technology where users, mostly kids, can enjoy it for gaming, reading experiences and adventure that even the whole family can enjoy it. It is one book with many content or stories in it including educational and gaming contents like unique science and history stories.

Sony PlayStation

Adding the J.K. Rowling content in this Wonderbook appears like Sony is promoting this so-called book more on younger gamers. Wonderbook: Book of Spells is a title of the first story announced by Sony which was developed by London Studio, including brand new writing of J.K. Rowling, one of the most popular authors. Book of Spells, brings interactive fiction to the TV allowing the user to turn the pages of a spell book showing off some spells and features such as earning house points and unlocking poems about unfortunate Hogwarts students.

Sony’s Wonderbook is also equipped with the PlayStation Move wand which will allow the user to cast spells on the book. This Wonderbook is providing more interaction between the so-called book and the user. With the augmented reality technology, dragons can leap out of the book and fly around the room in the Book of Spells story. Another amazing thing about the is that, it even catches on fire which requires the user to put it out using their hands, leaving stain behind that should be wiped off. As the user opens the book, the user will be then transported to the Hogwarts library. The Hogwarts library is where the user‘s lessons will begin. For every chapter, the user will learn and experience using 20 spells as they read and practice them along the way. Appears like a simulation of students in Hogwarts.

There are many thing to discover and enjoy from the interactive reading experiences to dueling, casting spells, and exciting new content. Sony have just brought their pride as the bring out story telly into a whole new level.

Expect Wonderbook to hit the shelves with their first title “Book of Spells” and more other titles within this year’s holiday season.


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