A Smartphone App to Detect Skin Cancer

Here’s a technology innovation to help you identify health issues that may save you from life threatening consequences if neglected. We are talking about a new smartphone app, Doctor Mole, which helps a user keep a check on his/her blemishes that might result into Skin Cancer. The app at the tap of the screen identifies the moles for any irregularities and changes in size, color, shape and boundaries using augmented reality technology.

doctor mole

The app after capturing pictures of the mole, displays for each of these characteristics a color-coded risk level. Following this, it will archive and keep on drawing a comparison for any changes in the mole. Also, the app will regularly remind and update the user when it will be time again to check the mole.

The concept derives from the fact that certain changes in moles can be seen as signs of malignant melanoma, one of the types of skin cancer. This melanoma is known for the majority of deaths due to skin cancer even though it is less common than other two types i.e Basal cell carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma. Mainly caused by exposure to UV rays, this cancer can also develop in fairly normal skin and can truly be life threatening.

As the developer of Doctor Mole, Mark Shippen commented, he does not have a medical background but reading about cancer helped him combine the knowledge with software development skills. The app produced in Australia is rated to have one of the highest skin cancer cases in the world.

The app is aimed to detect any early onset of the cancer. Melanoma is very dangerous if not found early. Therefore, regular checks can identify symptoms and prevent any mis-happening. Doctor Mole is doing a good job here however it is not the first tool that helps a user check for signs of skin cancer. Some apps have been guiding users through self exams. There’s German based “Handyscope” that concerts iPhone into a dermatoscope which can be used by doctors to look for Melanoma. But Handyscope, very expensively priced may not fall in an easy league while Doctor Mole is gradually gaining popularity.

Though the app cannot be a total substitute for a real doctor, some doctors were seen mentioning its use with their patients. Also, with the possibilities of reasons like poor lightening, shadows, camera quality, the app may not be able to spot the cancer completely 100%. These factors should be taken into consideration and doctoral check ups are also recommended from time to time.


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