Skype Chat Emoticons and Smileys

Skype is one of the best communication tool used around the world. It is easy to install in PC, laptops and even in mobile phones. You just have to download the Skype software that allows you to chat through instant messages (IM), make calls (PC to PC) at free of cost, share pictures, and also can use video call features. One of the entertaining parts in such messenger application is the smileys and emoticons. It is just a cool way of expressing any emotions. It can be smile, happy, sad, anger, crying, or anything you wish to express. They are downloaded along with the software, which you have an option to install extras with just browsing in internet.

Here listing some of common emoticons and smileys used in the present trends!

Smile: 🙂 :=) 🙂 This is one of the most popular smileys used by all age groups. It is truly cool and funny to express smile in such amazing way.

Crying: ;( ;-( ;=( This amazing emoticons express the emotion sadness. You can send this cute little smiley to your friends to show that you are in distress.

Blushing: :$ :-$ :=$ :”> If there is anything make your face feel red or when you feel like blushing, you can share this to your friend with just a click.

These are some of examples of smileys and emoticons. You can use this feature in your Skype application once you download. The updated version of Skype comes with more exciting smileys that are really cool and sweet. You will surely have a fabulous chat by using sharing such sweet emoticons.

These are the hidden and the secret smileys!

Skype Chat Emoticons and Smileys


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