How to Share Internet From Laptop to Smartphone

Many often the smart phones or the devices does not support the same of the configuration of the networks. here is a small guide that will help to share the connections between the your laptop and other devices with just not even have to install a 3rd party software on your laptop and this Is to be more often they been worked best on the Ethernet cable from your to any of the device like mobile or a tablet PC and jus all you have to do is alongside the working network connection and you should have a updated java runtime environment to be installed.

Let’s go by step wise.

Step 1: Open the any kind of the browser of your choice and go navigating to the website www.virtualaccesspoint.com and all the pages which you want to share should be just remained open as long where you want to share.

Step 2: Once the page is been loaded, a small window will open ask you for permission to run an app. This is normal, and you’ll need to grant it permission to run the application.

Step 3: Enter the user name for your access point, as well as the your desired security key. Click on Turn On Soft AP to create your access point.

Step 4: Right-click on the network icon in your System Tray. Click Open Network and Sharing Center which one shown the below.

Step5: A new network will appear in your list of active networks with the user name you chose in Step 3. Click on the link next to the Connections.

Step 6: Now next open up the properties in shown tab.

Step 7: In hear click the sharing tab button where the box is labeled and then allow the user to just connect through this computers internet connection and then select the Local Area Connection and the hit ok.

Now then configuring your laptop like in as shown steps you might now able to connect to the your new access point with it just kind be any of kind wireless device you now have done configuring the settings and when you are wish to close down the sharing then simply turn off the button on the virtual access webpage.


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