Send Money to Facebook Friends Via PayPal

Now days the Facebook has reached to every where mostly in every person is connected with it the face book and the paypal had began way to the users of the facebook by paying their easily.

Now the face book users can send money to their friends via a app named PayPal Facebook App and now about the pay pal app in face book and well this app can be used to send money to their respective face book friends as tied up with PayPal account balance and bank account attached with it. Paying via a credit card are much higher which the send and the receiving is more 30% and the senders and pays were high.

Send Money Via PayPal

It is not a simple app and for the pay pal is to get money through the facebook, instead of getting out people on the facebook and the part of the payment is you need not go through out for the paypal where with its app on facebook you just can make a payment on face book which the place is that you were of use your time spending with you friends and do lots of fun at a work at booth time well the 800 million members can also tap this app of the face book and get the people to load up their pay up their balance.

It is not all just about the all of the and exchanging the money and The Send MONEY APP with it can send a e card which can be embedded a message or a video of a YouTube link or of neither can plainly send directly money, well of neither directly app can post the recipient name.

The ideas is that’s not as it is a simple where as the people send e cards around a 500 million of it each year regarding the PayPal. You can send money along with a e cards send money with it. well the payment of the infrastructure of the payment is into off is pay pal is going to be online or mobile.


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