Rovio Strikes With Another Game, Bad Piggies

Rovio, the developer of the mega hit game, Angry Birds is again back with a bang. This time, it’s Bad Piggies, bringing back the green pigs of angry birds but instead of destruction as in angry birds, here, we deal with more of construction (building contraption) to steal the birds’ eggs. The last game of Rovio, Amazing Alex did not quite entertain the users as it was based more on puzzle solving qualities, stealing the actual game fun which de motivates players. Let’s see how Bad Piggies turn out.

There are puzzles in Bad Piggies too, but the game is somehow in lines with Angry Birds. It is easy to jump in and then gradually it gets difficult than the slingshot game. The objective is to gather a treasure map bit by bit that leads to the birds’ eggs. This is achieved by building different mechanisms using wheels, propellers, fans etc while gaining points in a specified time.

rovio strikes

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The green pigs reside on a tropical island and as always they are after eggs. However, getting to eggs is not easy and they have to employ the use of various machines which help them reach high places, cliffs and cross hurdles. Now, the player has to build these contraptions for the pigs using different parts available in the game. When you start the level, you are provided with a number of parts which you assemble and after that you can indicate to drive. The pig then travels hills and jumps to grab the level’s star boxes down the way to the map piece. For a perfect score, the machine should not fall apart. As the game moves on, there are other complicated parts added on to let you through caves and other obstacles.

Talking about the visuals and background, they are more or less the same as angry birds. The music gets along well too. The makers say that Bad Piggies is aiming to recreate the same profile as angry birds just with a different kind of Gameplay. Petri Jarvilehto, a senior executive with Rovio puts it like this: “Where Angry Birds was all about destruction, Bad Piggies is all about the joy of construction.”

Comparing, the puzzles are slightly more difficult and some casual gamers who tend to like destroying things may not find this whole creation process simple or interesting. The arcade point system is angry birds is missing too as in Bad Piggies, you get only stars. If you collect all the items, you get three stars otherwise, even after completing the level successfully, you get only one star.

The game is available on iOS devices at a cost of $0.99 and $2.99 for the HD version. For PCs and Mac, the game can be downloaded for $4.95 and $4.99 respectively. The android version of the game is free as it runs on ads support.


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