RIM Rumoured to Launch a Tablet ‘Blackforest’

Battling high competition and a low consumer market interest, the Blackberry developer, Research in Motion is counting on its new plans to revive its shares and enjoy a good stand in the future. Though the news is from an internal document of RIM which has been secretly leaked, the roadmap plan reveals some promising projects, including the advent of a new tablet, codenamed Blackforest.

RIM Blackberry Tablet

RIM Blackberry Tablet

The roadmap was posted on a Blackberry blog post through an anonymous source. It contained a summary of the new devices to be launched at the end of this year and next year: 4G BlackBerry PlayBook, codenamed, “Winchester 2” likely to be released in US-only at the end of this year and some new BlackBerry 10 handset devices, like London- a full touch screen phone and Nevada- a qwerty keypad phone also slated for release at the same time.

The most talked about product, the tablet is rumoured to have a screen, 10-inch long-larger than the Playbook’s 7-inch size. The playbook failed to attract its due attention, being left due to the outburst of more cheaper and impressive tablets. Likely to arrive in the third quarter next year, the tablet is also being hinted to have a 128 GB storage. This would be much higher than the capacity of the ipad, if Apple does not launch something greater earlier. Now that will be spectacular and amount to be a good point for RIM unless this isn’t just a rumour.

Other products also in line, referred by their codenames only, are mysterious “Nashville” and “Naples” which did not contain any hint in the roadmap.

RIM has been delaying the launch of its next version of its operating system, Blackberry 10, which led to a massive cut in their shares. The company has been in a severe crisis with job cuts, financial troubles, lower rated products and a continuously going down reputation. Though the CEO stamps the news of company’s death spiral, the truth is that unless and until, RIM comes up with something that can amaze the audience, it’s highly unlikely for the company to continue in the business.

With these plans, people now will be looking forward to any news RIM makes in the next few month, so that the fate of the company’s fortunes will be decided. The setbacks suffered would be overcome if the speculation lives up to its task or the company would forever be doomed in the quagmire of failure and woes.


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