Redesigned ChromeBook Launched by Google: The Samsung Series 5 550

Google has recently released their new Chromebooks, the ‘Samsung Series S 550’. This series of chromebook has been totally redesigned including a new and faster processor and RAM to make this browser-oriented laptop stand against the finished laptops.

The Samsung Series 5 550 features a 12.1” display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and two USB 2.0 ports. It is powered by Intel Atom 1.3 GHz (dual-core) processor with 4 GB of RAM. Yet, it has got the same storage memory of 16 GB, like previous models.

This series of chromebook has an elegant and compact design that makes it completely portable. Apart from the inside revamp, the keyboard has also been redesigned by Samsung. It now has a sunken design and squared-off corners on some of its keys to make it comfortable. While the trackpad has also received a redesign making it more responsive than before and it also has got a metallic palm rest surrounding it.
The Samsung Series 5 550

Updated Chrome OS for Samsung Series 5 550

The combination of Samsung’s hardware and Google’s operating system is truly a ground breaking invention for laptop geeks. The browser-oriented operating system has one good thing that you will admire; it has received an update making it a fully pleasurable OS for laptops.

The chrome operating system now integrates a fresh user interface that provides desktop and multiple application windows. Last year, remote access was also introduced to the chrome OS and it is now projected that next year we will be getting the option for offline editing and storage to be revealed at the Google’s I/O Developer Conference.

Availability & Price: The new Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 will set your back for only $450 that is slated for the Wi-Fi edition and you will be charged an additional $100 if you want a 3G enabled chromebook. For those who will purchase the 3G edition of Samsung S 550 will also get 100 MB 3G data services from Verizon carrier every month that is valid for 2 years. This sure is a goodie for chromebook lovers, now enjoy the 3G connectivity up to 100 MB data for 2 years.


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