Point and Shoot Camera Buying Guide

Though DSLR Cameras are dominating the market today, wise people still choose to buy point and shoot cameras. Point and shoot cameras are not only cheaper but they also produce great quality pictures. The thing about buying a point and shoot camera is to choose the best one that can match the performance of a DSLR. If you are having troubles in choosing, you don’t have to worry now because this article will be a big help to you.

Canon Camera

• Sensor Size: When buying a camera, the first thing that people ask is the number of megapixels. It is not bad that it is their primary concern but there is more important thing to consider. Cameras today ranges from 10 megapixels and up so it is not an issue anymore. What is more important is the sensor size. Cameras with large sensor size are still good to shoot even if there is a low light.

• Lens Focal Length: Another thing that buyers usually consider is the zoom factor of a camera but they don’t know that the lens focal length range is what they should focus on. The lens focal length is expressed in millimeters, usually 35mm. It tells the field of a view a camera can cover. For shooting in tight spaces, the best lens focal length usually starts form 28mm.

• Weight: Point and shoot cameras are known for its smaller size compared to DSLRs. You can find relatively small cameras in the market but remember, the smaller the camera, the lesser the features. For example, some pocket-sized cameras lack a long zoom lens. When buying a camera, be sure to hold it so can see if it fits your hands.

• Display Resolution: For cameras with LCDs, the display resolution is really important. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the display picture. You can view the images with sharper displays. Go for a camera with 2.5-inch display or preferably 3-inch.

• Low Light Performance: There are many cameras that are only good when there is enough light so be sure to consider a camera’s low light performance. Cameras with good low light performance lessen the use of flash and at the same time, still produce high quality photos.

These are just some of the factors that you must consider in buying a point and shoot camera. If you are really meticulous you may also want to consider the image stabilization and the camera’s ability to record HD videos.


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