How to Optimize Your Site to Rank High with Google Penguin

GoogleReleased on May 22, the new Google’s Penguin 2.0 is wreaking havoc on SEO Optimization and websites ranking if the content is not at par with its standards. What does it basically mean? Using poor quality backlinks that may come from malware infected sites, adult sites or even from sites which are not essentially related; overloading with anchor text links; duplicating the content with a number of profiles or engaging in practices like cloaking and spamdexing etc on the website. In short, delivering high quality content is now mandatory if you don’t want your website to lose its rankings because even minor violations from these standards can result in heavy penalties for the page ranks among other things.

So, how can you optimize your site to align best with Google Penguin? Have a read!

• Create content that is of a good quality. The basic foundation of SEO, the content if, original, user friendly and appealing to the reader’s interest can automatically draw an good audience and visitors, thus ultimately good page ranks. So, whatever you write, write for the purpose of delivering valuable content to the web, be it blog, press release, product description, site feed and not just to be backlinked.

• Get your website some good response via social sharing and networks. The more you are visited or talked about, the more your rankings will enhance. Get down to Google+, the best of social search engines. For every +1 to you post, the indexing reaches a higher number. Use Twitter hashtags of significant keywords related to SEO, optimize Facebook, Pinterest etc.

• Don’t go for overusing anchor text. Remove all links coming from link farms (do not pay for links), irrelevant and other improper sites. Also make sure that your page is not the part of some spam link network. Try using Google’s Link Disavow tool to get rid of all bad links.

• Enhance your relations with other reputable websites in your field. Get in touch with other fellow bloggers and website managers and get backlinked from their pages. Go for guest blogging and include your link back from the site.

• Use SEO Primary keyword judiciously, maintaining that well formed derivations like synonyms are used to avoid over-usage.

• Make sure that your site offers proper navigation features so that the user can move without getting lost and hence visit again.

In the end, remember, the key is to create awesome content that relates to the user well, do your social endorsements perfectly, engage in good social media marketing and see your rankings climb high again.


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