ooVoo: the Video Chat Provider That Allows 12-Way Call

The consumer video chat provider ooVoo has more than 46 million users worldwide now. Aside from the fact that this app is free on all platforms, it is also targeted to young adults who are generally interested in chatting.


This app allows users to create chat rooms with up to 12 users / participants that can be made possible through several different platforms and phone devices. It has already become available in iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and PC, replacing Skype as users’ preferred video chat application.

It also lets you connect with Facebook to let you host conversations even via text message, video or voice call. According to reports, this app has also been providing up to 4 simultaneous HD Video Chat streams to users.

One great feature of ooVoo’s Facebook offering is that users do not actually need to be a member of ooVoo. When the person you’re contacting is not a member, the application will provide you an option to email, post, or text an Oovoo link to allow a friend to join in the call.

ooVoo Chat

Video chat was only launched on Facebook last July through a partnership with Skype. Howevever, it only allowed for one-on-one video calling. This then makes Google Hangouts more appealing option with (12-way) multi-user calling.

Today, you can aleady avail Oovoo at Oovoo.com. You can also download it via Apple App store or Google Play!


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