NVIDIA Tegra 2 Support Games Launched


It is the world’s first fastest and the smallest super chip. NVIDIA TEGRA2 which handles the multi tasking which also is the first ever dual core chip made for the mobile devices. For the fastest browsing and supports the accelerated flash and also the best provides the console quality of the gaming experience with a very low ultra powered NVIDIA Ge FORCE GPU.

It is having a dual core ARM CORTEX A9CPU which can also process the 1080p playback processor. And now the NVIDIA has decided to launch their own games which were only for their specific TEGRA 2 powered MOBILE PHONES.WHICH it can be create a huge expectations on the LGOPTIMUS 2X which is held most supported for the high end gaming on the mobile android phones. And the NVIDIA is planning out big to hit the Google market to make their chips to be a default on the all the android based mobile phones. To bring up the Tegra zone to the Google market.

NVIDIA Tegra 2

What About the Tegra Zone App?

Well about this application is available in the Google market and this app helps your mobile to get the most best enhanced games on your mobile phone which are been powered by the NVIDIA Tegra and from this application you also can get download the content like HD video trailers, game play videos.


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