Nokia to Sell Batman-Themed Lumia 900 SmartPhones

Just this summer, movie lovers are stuffed with great superhero movies like The Avengers, Amazing Spiderman, and the long-awaited Batman sequel, The Dark Knight Rises. Since Super hero movies are widespread these days, Nokia has taken advantage of this craze.

For Nokia, the launching of The Dark Knight Rises means product launching as well. Today, Nokia has announced that it is preparing to sell a customized Lumia 900 Bat Mobile phone. The Lumia unit will be featuring the familiar bat symbol on the back. It will be laser-etched into the polycarbonate body of Lumia custom bat phone.

Themed Lumia 900 SmartPhones

Nokia’s official Twitter account reads, “Custom Lumia 900 straight from Gotham City https://twitpic.com/9q80ue #Nokia‬ #Lumia900”https://twitter.com/nokia/status/207063167006814208

Nokia Twitter Status

This product will only be limited and will only come in black color. Function-wise, it should be working completely the same with a standard Lumia 900.

There is no information yet with regards to its price and availability. One thing is only certain: that it should hit the major market countries like UK, Germany, France and other European markets.

How do you love the idea of a customized Lumia 900 Phone? Would you purchase such device? Share your opinions in the comment section below!


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