Nokia Unveils Lumia 1020 – Windows Phone with 41 MP Camera

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020The new smartphone offered by Nokia boasts of a powerful 41 MP camera promising to enhance the user’s photography and photo editing experience. The new Lumia 1020 operating on the Windows Phone 8-second generation of Windows mobile OS was launched last week at an event held in Pier 42, New York. Capturing more details even better than its point and shoot counterparts and other camera mobiles, the Finnish mobile maker has made sure that the photo taking process by Lumia 1020 becomes a delightful exposure for the user. Showcased at the launch event, the high quality prints of the camera are actually very impressive and say the rest of the story themselves.

This new device features the Dual capture technology, which takes two shots simultaneously. One shot with a 38MP resolution and the other being 5MP. The purpose of the technology is to keep individual shots for editing and sharing. So, the shot with more pixels and light i.e 38 MP will be utilized for the photo editing and printing and other shot for sharing and uploading on social media/networking.

The Zeiss camera featuring Nokia’s PureView Imaging technology has six lenses and two flash – LED and Xenon. Along with the camera, the handset comes with Nokia Pro camera app and Nokia rich recording video capturing technique. Other than that, the hardware specifications of Lumia 1020 consists of a 4.5 inch PureMotion HD+ amoled display running on 1.5GHz dual core processor, 2GB RAM and a 32GB internal storage memory.

The smartphone is likely to arrive in the US market on July 26 and following that, heading to China and the countries in Europe. Priced at $299 on AT&T, the phone however can cause dilemma in the mind of user who can get the 16GB iphone 5 at the same price on AT&T. Similar concerns are regarding the non-availability of the native apps such as Instagram, Snapchat on the Windows phone. The user still would have to go for third party apps like Hipstamatic and Instance to use the most successful of photo editing apps.

Apart from all this, the question which comes up is what has been the whole idea of Nokia behind this product? Essentially the company is going after the specific set of consumers who want to take absolutely beautiful photos with a phone and enjoy the networking that the phone offers. In words of critics, Lumia 1020 is a camera with an attached phone.


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(Photo Credit: Pcmag.com)


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