New Web Search Engine ‘blekko’

1x1.trans New Web Search Engine ‘blekko’


Blekko is a web Search Engine that aims at providing better search results than those offered by Google Search by offering results culled from a set of 3 billion trusted websites and excluding material from such sites as content farms. The site, launched to the public on November 1, 2010, uses slashtags to provide results for common searches.

1x1.trans New Web Search Engine ‘blekko’

Here is a list of features readily available for all users to access:

* SEO Statistics
* Linking pages (in and out stats)
* IP lookup
* Cached pages
* Tagging of pages
* Creating and searching /slashtags
* Finding duplicate content
* Comparing sites
* Crawl statistics
* Page Count
* Robots.txt location
* Cohosted sites
* Page latency
* Page length

1x1.trans New Web Search Engine ‘blekko’

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