NASA Marks the Existence of Coolest Stars in the Galaxy

Have you ever thought about stars? What would you imagine? Definitely, you would think that they are colossal and burning balls of fire similar to that of the sun. However, now you will bite your fingers after hearing that there are stars on which you can stand on actually and will not get burnt to a fraction, as well. NASA has discovered these extraterrestrial bodies and they are popularly known as “Brown Y- Dwarf Stars” form a very long time. However, now a satellite has pinpointed especially a chilled Y Dwarf which is known to make another record for being the coolest star of the millennium. Its temperature is only 800 Fahrenheit.

Coolest Stars in The Galaxy

This chilled new star emits sufficient infrared light that was speckled by Wide field Infrared Survey Explorer of NASA satellite. It has also identified approximately hundreds of other brown-colored dwarfs; few of them are in great proximity, than actually thought by NASA. These brown stars are many times known as Failed Stars due to their lower mass. This prevents them from fusing the atoms very similar like the sun. The absence of bright light makes it difficult to visualize these chilled stars even with the aid of telescopes. In this case, infrared sensors are the best approach to know about their presence.

It was to a great surprise to most of the researchers to know that many of them were in forty light years of the Solar System. The infrared satellite has detected brown dim stars exactly in the galactic backyard.


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