Mozilla Launches Single userID Authentication System

Bad at remembering passwords or insecure using Google id credentials in a non-google website, the maker of open-source Browser Firefox, Mozilla presents a simple solution for all such issues, Persona. Now, no more hassles of forgetting passwords and the troubles of recovering them. The first beta version launched earlier this week, which was earlier known to be BrowserID project is created to compete against other website login systems offered by Twitter, Facebook and Google.

The main goal is to provide a cross platform, a kind of cross browser to let you log into many websites with a single username and password, without putting at stake your privacy and security concerns. “It is the service that imposes a Chinese wall between the act of logging you in and whatever you do once you’ve logged in. The history of what sites you visit is stored only on your own computer”, the company writes. Further this is essentially the difference against other networking sites which keep on holding the track of your navigation after you have logged into the system. Also, even when the user is not logged in, certain widgets if included can report back who has visited the site.

Since Persona has just been released, it has not been yet designed to support a number of sites. But reports state that similar to Google’s login, it can be significant beyond website logins. Mozilla plans to make it a default login system for its upcoming Firefox OS phones, due early next year, promoting Persona as privacy friendly alternative. Currently available for majority of browsers on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux an iOS, more improvements are likely to arrive very soon after the first public release.

Persona supports pseudonymous account names, allowing websites to display and highlight their privacy policies. However, there are some concerns with the name of the authentication system, since the company calls its browser themes, first shipped in 2010 Firefox 3.6 – Personas.

Now, what is made of Persona will only be revealed in the future. Whether this open source option can compete against big players in the industry is also another story, which will depend a lot on how the websites are adopted and how the system is adopted by the individual users. Considering a lot of more improvements to be made and much needed promotion, anything about the success of the system is unpredictable.


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