Mozilla Announces Firefox 14 With Enhanced Security Features

Browser maker Mozilla announced version 14 of its Firefox web browser with better security and enhanced support for modern web services. With Firefox 14, Mozilla will be securing the Google searches using SSL encryption. By default, Mozilla will switch to “Https”, the secured connection. The idea is to “protect your data from potentially prying eyes, like network administrators when you use public or shared WiFi networks,” Mozilla said in a blog post. Though right now, only Google has been on Mozilla’s agenda but the company will soon be implementing these features on other search engines too.



This secure SSL connection, Https layer keeps the data safe as it is transferred from the web browser to server and vice versa. Earlier this type of connection was only used with Banks websites and during online transactions but nowadays, even sites like Twitter and Facebook are shifting to “https” in order to protect their personal data. It is always recommended to use this connection but often people overlooked and since the default layer was http, nobody took the pain to change it to be more secure. But with Mozilla’s this feature, soon we can be relieved and our search will be absolutely secure on the web network. Non-Htpps sites will have a grey globe icon displayed along with URL whereas Https sites will have a grey lock icon. The only drawback as critics say would be the increase in the number of queries bearing no results. Hence, “Not provided” keyword will be encountered more.

Not only secured search, the release of Firefox 14 is also accompanied by 14 security advisories, five of which were rated as critical by Mozilla. So, numerous vulnerabilities have been covered and patched which could otherwise be fatal.

Other features include better controlling of mouse during interactive gaming and use of web apps. Firefox 14 supports Pointer Lock API which will help you control your mouse confined in a single page element. The browser will have simple URL bar favicons which will help the user to check the security levels supported by a site. Also, a full native screen for Mac OS X lion 10.7 is being rolled out.

In the browser market, Mozilla (share 24.56%) is yet to overcome Google’s Chrome which is ruling with 32.76% share and Microsoft Internet Explorer with 32.31% share currently. But, with such practical and intelligent products, the company is likely to make its due mark in the market soon.


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