Motorola Droid RAZR to Get Android 4.0 Update in The Near Time

It appears that the Motorola Droid RAZR is about to get its Android OS V4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update in the near time. Reportedly, the phone manufacturer posted fresh video clips on their Japanese domain displaying the features that the Android OS V4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) has.

Android 4.0 features at a glance

There are many handy features available in Android OS V4.0 (ice cream sandwich) out of which the one focused in the posted videos was the lock screen feature. You can now use the shortcut for text msgs and call dialer without the need of unlocking the screen of your Droid RAZR. You will also admire how you will be able to access the music content directly from the lock screen state while it is still playing in the background.
Motorola Droid
The new Android is equipped with a soft keyboard for a comfortable use making the text input faster and more accurate. With the new set of default dictionaries are improved to correct errors and suggest words more accurate. Moreover, Android 4.0 also includes new voice input engine, recognizing the voice of the user. With this voice input engine, the user can now dictate the message using any language they want. Android 4.0 has many other new features including its more accessible design, improved camera capabilities, sharing with screenshots and Android Beam for sharing. The new mobile phone also has “Face unlock” as Android’s innovation. This feature lets the device unlock with the user’s face making the device more secured and more personal.

In this regard, the phone manufacturer also places Google on a nice position since they possess Motorola. Jason Hiner wrote on CNET:

“The success of Android has established Google as a key player in mobile computing devices, and once consumers and business users start looking to consolidate their many devices, Webtop could make Google the company that’s best position to make consolidation possible.”

Availability of the Android 4.0 update for Motorola Droid RAZR: No particular date has been announced for the Android 4.0 update. But the phone manufacturer did say that the update will soon be made available for Droid RAZR users in the 2nd quarter of the year that means somewhere between May-June. We are soon to taste the flavor of ice cream sandwich, yummy!


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