Now Micropayments Possible Using Google Wallet

With Google Wallet, now it will be possible to buy micro web content. The concept is about micropayments, where the user can purchase individual articles ranging from $0.25 to $0.99. The project anticipated this week is rolling on the support being provided by Google. Though it had been in talks for sometime but never got the desired attention, so now with the big head is looking over, it’s time to start fresh.

google wallet

The company posted the details in its RSS feed. “Users love free content, and so we expect that advertising will remain the most effective monetization model for most content on the Web,” as stated in the post. “However we know that there is more great content that creators could bring to the Web if they had an effective way to sell individual articles that users can find with search.” The whole project is viewed as an experiment by Google which aims to help content writers integrate good quality content on web.

To talk about the failure of such a concept earlier for instance if you remember Flooz, Cybercash, DigiCash and their losses, many reasons can be counted for. The users were reluctant handling over the credit card details, to adjust to the sophisticated interface was not easy, requirement of installing software etc. Also, when we see a whole amount of data lying on internet free, who would bother paying extra which can be obtained for free. However, Google modifies the view, beginning from a rank of stability and advantage. Google wallet, the mobile payment app released in September last year allows its users to store credit and debit cards with other things on their mobile devices. With thousands of users already on it, the new scheme can provide another way to use the app.

Also, to encourage customers, Google provides the option of “instant refund”. People who do not like the article can get the refund within 30 minutes of their purchase. Once users buy a page, they will own it forever. To lure users, publishers can create long previews of their content, with the rest being opaque. Even if people do not buy the content, the publishers can get credit for the ads which are run alongside. And it will as simple as clicking the wallet button on the page for the Wallet users, so no complicated navigation on interfaces.

For the time being, just a handful of partners are joined in but soon, many content management systems will be collaborated. Pearson and Oxford University Press will be posting a huge number of reference articles. Websites like GigaOm and Motley Fool seems also interested in selling its content using Wallet.


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