Iris – A Smart Technology to Control Your Home

UK based monitoring-tech company, AlertMe is integrating with Lowe to bring new smart technology into your house. This is Iris, a new cloud based monitoring and security system for your home. To let you control your devices, gadgets and appliances, verifying the security, managing the temperature and keeping in check everything using a smartphone, tablet or a computer, this new platform will be all about automating the entire home. Likely to come after August, though no fixed date has been released yet.


As Mary Turner, CEO of AlertMe, stated “The AlertMe platform is unique because it’s based on a multiprotocol home wireless hub, making it compatible with the widest number of third-party devices, and we anticipate that the number of connectable devices and appliances from brand leaders will only continue to grow,” she said in a statement to CNET. “The Iris system is modular, easy to self install, customize, and grow as new devices are enabled. It’s also priced to make it highly accessible. Lowe’s is an ideal partner because it has the ability to bring many more connected devices to its customers.”

Iris is supposed to be launched for the mass market in three kits: Iris safe and Secure (The system will let you receive emails, texts or calls when there is any event. Inclusive of motion sensors, hub, keypad, door, window and cabinet sensors, you will be able to make settings that inform you when your children come or when any guest arrives. The approximate cost will be around $179) Iris Comfort and Control (The system will help monitor the temperature and control it. Inclusive of a hub, thermostat, you will be able to control your devices remotely, managing energy usage along. This is also priced at $179) and Iris Smart kit (With a combination of both, the system will let your govern your house completely. This one will be costing around $299).

With an easy to install system, Iris will even allow remote video streaming from cameras. The current plan is to offer premium services for only $10 a month and with no long term contract. Also, customization are allowed to make the person program his home including actions like scheduling lights, air conditioners etc even when he is on vacation and for other temperature changes during the day.

Now this is what we call a comforting technology!


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News Source: CNet


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  1. That really is an aggressive price. I’m guessing that the unit will be able to be connected to your TV?

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