“The internship” – Movie Showcasing Google’s Unique Identity & Culture


GoogleThe best place to work for and now made (branded/highlighted) in a movie as well. Yes, we are talking about “The internship”, a new comedy depicting the search giant Google’s culture and indirectly making all corporate people envious of the work environment at Google.

The movie revolves around two guys, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson who enroll at the Google internship program after losing their job of selling wristwatches. As a matter of fact, Google does pick up students from prestigious universities all around the world for internship opportunities.

So, then the two hours showcase the interns being divided into different teams, each fighting to win the final prize of a full time job at the company. Now, at one point, Google is training the employees regarding the customer help desk and other, the teams are involved in playing Quidditch, the mainstream sport which features in the Harry Potter series. None of this actually happens in Google, though the company does ask its people to surf through their online help articles and message boards.

Besides the fun, the movie highlights Google’s other flagship products including Chrome Browser, Youtube, Gmail, Maps, but there is no mention about Google Glass. However, all this free marketing is done without any contribution from the company. As Google did not pay for its products to be shown in the movie, the filmmakers did not pay for Google’s help or access to its headquarters. Most parts of the movie have been shot at Georgia Tech and other places in Atlanta.

Coming over to the rivals of the company, some of them have had their glimpse in the movie too. Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Facebook’s Instagram, Foursquare were mentioned occasionally.

The film is likely to be a hit among the tech/google fans and other light movie watchers, especially people who have been interested in seeing Vaughn and Wilson share screens together after “Wedding Crashers” that came out 8 years ago. But, the reaction of the company’s critics might not be the same as Google lovers. The company is viewed as a self-centric organization that has been invading the privacy of people and abusing its power as the main internet access way. Owing to such concerns, Google has undergone continuous investigations and lawsuits. However, the “don’t be evil” motto company has only been shown in a positive light in the movie. In the early meetings with Google, it agreed to help the filmmakers with no say over the story writing, after the officials were promised that the movie wouldn’t be scornful or mean in any manner.

The internship also sees two short appearances by the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin. One he is seen roaming around when the characters of Vaughn and Wilson arrive at the campus and other at the end to congratulate the interns. Larry Page, the other co-founder, now CEO doesn’t appear in the movie.

“This is not a documentary on Google where you come in and say, ‘This is exactly the way things are done there,’ ” Vaughn quoted after a screening of The Internship in San Francisco.

So, watching “The internship” indeed, Google is the best place to work for.


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