Instagram in Android Phones

There are hundreds of thousands of Android applications in the market but still, something is lacking. Users are looking for apps that can be compared to a couple of iPhone applications. iPhone applications are relatively greater when it comes to number and quality. They are more enjoyable, user-friendly and unique. Some Android applications are somewhat similar to iPhone apps but some applications are both available for Androids and iPhones. But still, there are many good iPhone software and applications that are not available for Android. Users are having a hard time looking for apps that might match the applications of iPhones.

Instagram is one of the most downloaded applications for iPhone. Many iPhone users found pleasure in sharing photos uniquely by the use of this application. Instagram gives a new look to a photo by its built in editing capabilities. You can add different frames and color filter to photo and immediately share it with your friends in Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Instagram in Android Phones

After dominating the Apple Market, Instagram can now be downloaded as an Android application. Though it has only been released last month by Google Play or former Android Market, it has been a very big hit to android users. According to an article in The New York Times, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom said that the app was seeing 2,000 signups each minute following its debut. A pre-registration period began last March 25 and more than 430,000 Android users signed up.

Android users have been waiting for an app like that of Instagram, but to actually have Instagram for Android is the one of best thing that ever happened to them. For Android users, the availability of Instagram for Android is in their favor but it’s the opposite for iPhone users. Knowing that Instagram was first made for iPhones, users are claiming that Instagram are for iPhones only. Some got annoyed after hearing the news.

Users have their different opinions about Instagram for Android but one thing is for sure, Instagram’s popularity will continue to increase dominating both Apple and Android phones.


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