Hot Chili Peppers Nasal Spray to Ease Sinus Problems

Great Innovation! A shocking study in Washington has successfully revealed that hot chili pepper, often used to tear up can now help us to clear up several kinds of sinus related issues. It is proved that a nasal spray which comprises of an ingredient that is derived from hot chili pepper can help ease the problem. After going through several researches and studies, and tests, it is finally concluded that this spray is very effective and safe on non-allergic patients.

Sinus Problems

In a study, the patients were given nasal spray containing Capsicum and others used the generally available placebo spray. The ones who used the nasal spray containing Capsicum stated that they experienced an instant inception of relief or action just within a time span of one minute or so after using the spray.

Capsaicin is contained in Capsicum and this forms the key element of chili pepper. It generates a hot sensation. Capsaicin is also used as an active constituent in different medicines that are given for pain relief, temporarily.

This was the initial trial, where Capsaicin was used on an incessant basis to get control over the sinus symptoms.


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