Google Launches 1 Gbps Broadband and Fiber TV Service

Once again, Google has done it. The search giant has launched high speed broadband service which promises more than 100 times faster speed than the traditional US telecommunication services, 1 GB per second in the city of Kansas on Thursday. The move is aimed to offer high speed connection at a lower cost. Also, new interactive television service called Google Fiber TV has been released that will let people search live channels, DVR, Netflix, Youtube etc fulfilling needs of on-demand programming.

Kevin Lo, general manager of Google Access, said during the unveiling presentation that the company will deploy the network first in “fiberhoods” where there’s the most interest from consumers.

Charging $300 for the fiber construction and installation (to start in September), the company is also offering the service at reduced price for the people who sign up immediately. For other cities also, the services will be rolled out in a few months.

The users can select among three packages. First, the broadband and TV service at $120 each month which will also come with 1 terabyte Google drive cloud storage. Regular channels, TV shows on demand and many Fiber TV and premium movie channels will be included. To steal the show, the company is offering with this package, Google Android Nexus 7 tablets. Now, that’s a deal!

The second package involves only high speed connection. Costing around $70 a month, this package will offer 1 Gbps downloading and surfing. 1 terabyte cloud storage and network box is included with this pack too. For a limited period of time, people who will sign up for any of these services will be exempted from the construction fee of $300. The third package is directed for people who are not availing broadband services already. The service will be provided free to them with only Fiber installation fee. It will consist of 5 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps uploading speed for 7 years. Also, these people can pay the construction fee on a monthly basis.

The project was announced in Feb 2010 when Google started building the backbone of the network. The company has now started with rallies in order to encourage folks to sign up on a website. As and when more than 50 registrations will be made in an area, it will start deploying the network. Google has also established demonstration centers where people can learn about the benefits of the fiber network.

The high speed net service is obviously way ahead its competitors but what more interesting to watch is how Google’s TV service stands against other TV service providers.


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Image: wired.com


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