Google on a Killing Spree – 5 More Projects to Be Pulled off Soon

The spring cleaning of the Search Engine giant, Google has been on its spree since Larry Page, cofounder Google stepped in as CEO. Earlier demise of not-so-happening projects like Wave, Buzz, Friend Connect, Knowledge-base experiment: Knol, Google Pack, Image Labeler, Aardvark, Search Timeline, One pass, Patent Search and many more also suggests that Google is not afraid to get past sulky things and try newer bases. In all, around 30 projects have been closed till date.



So, whose turn is it now? Let’s see!

First, the personally customized home page of the web, iGoogle which was launched in 2005. iGoogle gadgets interact with the user with the help of gadgets API. Special gadgets can also be created using an online wizard. To be pulled off on Nov 1, 2013, the users are being given 16 months to make amendments, transfer content and manage the transition. The reason, Google suggests is, with time and with advent of smartphones, apps on these devices and browsers are getting more popular.

Then there’s Google Video, which was the original free video-sharing website. Since, the uploading has been discontinued in May, 2009, Youtube has been given more preference. Also, now Google will transfer the content that is left to some private Youtube channels. Also, the users will be asked to remove their stuff before August 20.

Google Talk Chatback, the text chat widget for websites will be axed too. Instead, the company comments, try our new acquisition product, Meebo bar, from the instant messaging company Meebo, acquired earlier last month.

The Symbian Search App, generally used with the Symbian Smartphones will also be thrown out soon. Apparently, Google is satisfied with its own search services and the move might also encourage users to go for Android powered phones, the company’s latest obsession.

And finally, it’s the Google Mini launched in 2005, which is a low cost solution for small and medium enterprises to set up a search appliance, that allows them to grade and find up to 300,000 docs. Although, Google says that Google Search Appliance and Google Commerce will be kept available, but Google Mini has already found its place in junkyard. However, the company will honor its existing contracts with Mini customers.

As the company states, “Streamlining our services enables us to focus on creating beautiful technology that will improve people’s lives”, we can only wish that Google live up to its words.

So, for the time being, the spring cleaning of the company closes with these products, but what comes next, is impossible to say.


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