Google Glasses – We Will No Longer Be Slaves of Devices

The technology of the future, as they say it and we have just begun our first steps into it. Google, as a company is always looking for hotshots in creating an extraordinary leap into the future and people are always taken in awe. Yet another futuristic approach – the Project Glass!

Started about 2 years ago, under Google X, cofounder Sergey Brin’s secretive working within Google, the Glasses were demonstrated at a 3-day conference in San Francisco and will only be available to developers who are willing to $1500 for the experimental units, early next year. However, after fixing the bugs and more regression testing and improvements, they will be available to the general people in 2014 at a much lower cost of $250 – $350. It’s possible that Google enters a mass market of glasses with their latest touch of innovation and technology soon.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses

What would be it like when we will have the power to integrate the virtual world with the real without muffing with a hand-held device or limited by its accessibility? May be that’s exactly what was in the mind of Isabelle Olsson, the senior industrial designer on Google Glasses when she designed a technology that will make us liberal and free of devices.

So, what are they exactly? There are just display glasses but let its user stay integrated with the virtual world using voice commands, touchpad and a 1-inch display. Also, as soon as it gets connected to a network, it can help map directions, take pictures, record videos and share stuff instantly.

The display goes off until there is a requirement to see something, so there is no hindrance to sight. Also, no distractions while walking or even driving since the voice messages can be translated to texts etc. It is possible that people may not need to pull out their cell phones out of the pockets even once with the advent of these glasses. Notifications, tweets and everything will be displayed on the head-mounted screen. Also, along with gmail and google plus, many other android apps such as Google TV for streaming videos etc are being tested for compatibility and integration. So a whole fascinating experience will be promised.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses

Though the charging of the glasses is an issue till now but of course tasks like photo and content sharing are likely to drain the battery fast which can be maintained. There will be settings to control the content which to be shared until the glasses are plugged or reached within a wi-fi zone. Also, there has not been any comment made on the people who already wear prescription glasses, as to how would they be able to use Google glasses along.

With such exciting parameters, all we can do now is wait until the seamless technology finally finds its way into our lives in 2014.


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