Google Enhanced Voice Search App for iPhone

Apple’s voice recognition system, Siri will soon have a tough competition from Google’s enhanced voice based search app for iPhone and iPad. To be rolled out in a few days, the app is likely to improve the web search experience of its users through effective voice commands. The company also said that the new service will combine its web email with the search engine.

google voice search

The app will recite answers of search results in a human voice which will let users find information about anything ranging from climate and locations to movie timings, similar to the capabilities of the Apple’s technology Siri. This latest version was showcased at a press event in San Francisco last Wednesday where the company also announced that the app will integrate user’s email into searches. Aimed at making the whole process of accessing information quick, the service will initially be available to 1 million users. Though for the time being, the field work is done with Gmail but other email providers may be collaborated soon.

“A truly universal search will have all the information that humanity has put on the web and information that’s your information”, said Amit Singhal, Senior VP of Google Search. He further wrote in his blog post “Often the most natural way to ask a question is by asking aloud. So we’ve combined our speech-recognition expertise, understanding of language and the Knowledge Graph so that Voice Search can better interpret your questions and sometimes speak the answers back as full sentences.”

How does it work? Just press a button and say aloud the question into your device’s microphone. And as soon as you will speak, the words will be streamed automatically. Then Google will present you the desired responses and in case of direct answers, you will get a spoken response.

The news roots from the competition that is becoming increasingly high between the two technology giants. On August 7, Apple had said that Google’s Youtube would not be offered as a pre-loaded app in the coming versions of its iPhones. Earlier, some other mapping apps were also removed by Apple which claimed to provide its own services rather than relying on Google. The battle follows as Google’s operating system Android and other applications are in direct race with Apple’s products and iOS.

In regards to such technology, the consumers have mentioned that they assist them in doing web searches, making calls, organizing address books and calendars etc. But what does this escalating competition between Siri and Google’s voice app yields and how the users are benefitted is still on the watch.


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