Google Denies Android Botnet Claims

Search giant Google has rejected the claims that its operating system, Android has been hacked by a botnet. Following allegations from Microsoft security researchers and Anti Virus firm Sophos that Botnet has been sending spam from yahoo mail server using Android devices, Google cleared in a statement that these spammers are rather using infected computers and a fake mobile signatures to try to bypass anti-spam mechanisms in the email platform they are using.

A Yahoo representative also confirmed that while other investigations are going on, there is no problem with the official yahoo mail app for Android and so no reason to uninstall the app.


A couple of day ago, the news flashed that pharmacy, e-card and penny stock spam emails were being sent by a botnet that has hacked Android OS. The devices logged into the user’s Yahoo mail and send spam. The Anti-virus firm Sophos analyzed the messages and declared that the spam appeared to originate from Android phones and tablets, although the researchers did not have a copy of the malware.

The message Id field in the email contained “AndroidMobile” and the IP addresses were also directed to Mobile devices. The infected devices were located in Ukraine, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Jordan, Philippines, Lebanon, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The researchers asserted that the devices got infected by downloading duplicate copies of some apps which contained malware. These apps were not downloaded directly from Google Play but from some off market sites. Experts further commented that these spam messages if sent in a large numbers could generate a lot of traffic that can ultimately prove to be expensive for the users and the mobile communication of the country.

Microsoft researcher Terry Zink had earlier proclaimed that he had found evidence of Android devices being used in that way. However, later Zink clarified that whether Android has been compromised or not is not yet established, adding that it is possible to fake the message and format it to be assumed as if it originated on an Android smartphone only.

If proven, it would be the first case in the history of Android application that a botnet will be capable of sending spam. According to the statistics, there are more than one billion smartphones and other smart devices in the world. These are connected to the web almost always. If a botnet attacks, there could be a wave of spam all over the world 24*7.

So, even if think the technology is advancing beyond the realms of our minds, there will always be issues which will always hamper the progress and our lives.


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