Google Chromebook

A Chromebook is a personal computer which runs on the GOOGLE Chrome Os And the first device is set on sale by the Acer Inc. and now the Samsung has announced at the I/O Google conference in and the device is already started shipping of the device on June 2011.


The chrome books are shipped with the Google chrome os operating system, which is built on the Linux Kernel, and the chrome browser with a integrated media player. Capability the best is its capability and the boot time is just eight seconds ,according to the designers and it is to be connected to the internet which is installing traditional application such as the add web apps and can be downloaded on the chrome webstore,and this architect which eliminates the need of the anti–virus software.

Google Chromebook

The Google firstly had developed the first chrome book, cr-48 which is a proto type machine and the fully functional which were the look alike the features like the cr-48, and now were officially launched by the Acer and Samsung .and the all these chrome book is a 12 inch 1280×800 inch screen and a acer is 11.6 inch and these booth were supported with USB 2.0 port and also had a support of a webcam. And booth of them has a hdmi and mini VGA output support.

Well Coming to the Specs:

Processor: 1.66 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom Processor.
Screen: 12.1 inch (Samsung), 11.6 inch (ACER)
Hard drive: 16 G.B (Hard Solid State Drive)
Connectivity: Wifi, USB 2.0.


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