Google Calendar Launched as an App for Smart Devices


GoogleMany of us with our busy lives and hectic schedule try to keep up with calendars and notes. A number of apps and software for time management are available in the market but only a few of them suffices our needs in a proper manner. To address the issues, Google Calendar is the recent addition to the Google apps gallery, Google Play. The app has plenty of features which are aimed to make your life easy. You can create events, see them up to a year in the past along with adding calendars from multiple Google accounts. With a reliable synchronization feature and a fine interface, you can see a simple Home screen that will display the snapshot of your agenda for a day or as required.

Talking about the utilities, there is a good scope of detailing with the option of breaking the days and weeks into hours. Hence, put your schedule in an extensive way and view it by zooming in and out. For a compact list of only the basic events coded color wise, use the agenda view. Creation of new events is all similar to the desktop version. You can invite other people, put certain times on repetition and choose all the right fields to open a new event. Notification features is also made available where the user can see concurrent messages and reminders. Snooze option for delaying the alarm is also there with custom ringtones and vibration modes. Also, you can send group messages to people attending the same event with the option to pick quick preset messages in the app. This may help preventing wastage of time in urgent situations.

Comparing with the web version, the app is quite similar but all the details are very intensively crowded in a small interface for the smart devices. Drop down buttons of the day, week, months are all similarly accessible from the top left corner. The colored bars make certain events more difficult to be decoded just by looking at. Also, the tasks option of the web is missing in the app. Here, the user can create to-do lists and keep himself on track. So, the feature might be missed by the web users of the app. If the option takes form of another app or gets integrated with the calendar is still unknown.

The Google Calendar app though basic might act as a good alternative to your time and schedule keeping and is likely to go through many upgradations in future for enhancements. So, its time to give the app a try and see if it is the change you needed in your life.


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  1. Just what I need for scheduling and sorting out my appointments. Google is really doing its best in making things easier for all of us. Great post!

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