Google Aims to Smooth the Path for Android Developers

AndroidAndroid is currently the top mobile operating system in the industry with thousands of apps in the Google Play developed by android developers, but, there seems to be low benefits for the developers of this OS compared to its counterpart Apple iOS Developers. An analytic firm, App Annie, have confirmed it in their recent research that programmers that were making apps for the popular iPhone and ipads make around $2.45 for every dollar that any Android developer earn from his/her work. And from a earlier report from Flurry, which is another mobile analytics company has found out that on every $1 a developer brought in for an app development on ios, that same dev could expect to take in that for about 24 cents on the Android platform.

This reason according to expert suggestions could affect the android operating system a lot; it could greatly affect the quality of apps developed because the minimum investment in the android apps would be lower than that accepted by ios developers for ios apps, or it may force programmers to desist making quality apps for the platform altogether.

However, Google has claimed that there are more interests in its mobile platform industry even more than before which is a sign that the claims by these two analytics firms might not have any great impact on Android.

Another thing that makes me as well believe that these claims might have not really effect on the platform is because the tickets for the Google I/O – a conference for its android apps developers which is to be held next week sold out in just 20 minutes after its announcement, said Vic Gundotra, a senior VC at Google.  In order to make its platform more interesting for both developers and users, Google is making all attempts to empower developers through trainings so that they can keep on developing high quality android apps for the android community. On Thursday, Google has released it’s newly build website for android developers with resources and documents on making apps.  And the company said it was working hard to educate developers on making high-quality Android apps. The website is here.

“We’re being noticed more now than we ever were in the past,” said Billy Rutledge, who is a director of developer relations at Android. He said that Google has listened to the feedbacks that were gathered from developers to determine exactly how they can revamp the website for the successful development of android apps.

The newly designed website now gifted with a befitting look along with great contents on android development; new and fresh contents for android apps development with outdate and old contents being removed from the website. He explained that majority of software developers felt there was not an easy way to take in the whole process of making an app, from the conception to publishing. But our new developers’ site helps tie everything together, said Rutledge.

When it comes to monetization of apps, he said Google will be announcing some tools for monetization of apps at the I/O conference.

However, Rob Williams who is the current chief executive at Sidecar, a voice application for both android and iPhone devices said the primary benefit for making an Android app was to reach the global market – not local area reach alone. He claimed that Android OS is doing better on many smart phones on daily basis which is different in the case of Apple’s iPhone software. And to back that up, he said that’s a large audience that can’t be easily ignored because there’s huge money in the industry.

“The idea that Android isn’t important is crazy,” Mr. Williams said. “The world demands a lot of different devices.”

But to make it clear, he advised developers to select iOS developments if their aim is to make money faster because majority of iPhone users were more engaged with buying of apps on daily basis which is a different entirely when it comes to android OS.

“If you’re purely trying to make money as a game developer, $1.99 at a time, Android is a disaster for you right now compared to iOS,” he said.

What do you think about this development? Google is making every attempt to make android better, do you think the steps taken by Google is okay to retain the market? Pleas share your comments.


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