What to Do When Your Gadgets Get Soaked in Water

Yesterday only, my newly bought phone got drenched in water and my first reaction, panic. Since monsoon is on trail and sometimes accidents occur too, chances are your electronic gadgets may be soaked wet and in the situation, most people react as I reacted – in haste we may do something that further harms the gadget. So, it may be your cell phone in the pocket or that camera or maybe your laptop, mishaps do occur. Although there may be risks of corrosion but still recovery of the gadget is possible to an extent. Here’s what you should do.

No matter how tempted you feel, resist the urge to switch on the phone or any gadget to see if it’s working correctly. It is possible that it gets switched on that very instant, or it may get short-circuited or the water may get pushed all the more inside. The safe bet is to switch off the gadget and remove its battery. Water can cause much harm to the battery, so make sure you remove it and leave it to dry. Also, take out other parts like SIM card, memory card, any Bluetooth device or headphones etc connected to the device.

After isolating the body, very gently, keep it in an inclined position to let the water move out. Shake the device but not too rigorously. Grab a paper napkin or a soft cloth to wipe off the moisture. Again don’t be rough while handling the wet circuit. Then remember, if you don’t want your device baked up, no sun and no hair dryers. These things may have acted well on other products but electronic gadgets are too sensitive to be exposed to direct heat. The blown air also can push the water droplets more inside, causing more problems than helping. Rather put the device in front of the air conditioner for a few minutes.

Now the weirdest of them all. Get some uncooked rice and a sealed container. This is crazy but put your device in the container slowly. Leave it overnight as rice helps in sucking up the moisture. The longer you keep your device in, the drier will it get. After the waiting period is over, gently remove any rice stuck and plug it into charging.

One more trick to dry the remaining droplets of water is to use alcohol. Dip a cotton ball into alcohol and dab near parts which seem damp. This helps in evaporating the water quickly.

Follow the above steps and then switch on your device. Repeat if necessary. Finally, take some extra care of your electronics this season and if some accident occurs, don’t panic but act smart.


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