How to Fix the Passbook and App Store ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ Error in iOS 6

Along with the latest software editions you will always find bugs. No matter how much they are tested in beta stages but still these bugs appear when you use the associated editions. Same is the case with the newly released iOS 6. Besides the Google Map apps issues, there is an error “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” which appears on the screen when users attempt to update the apps from the App Store app or when they try to use the Passbook app. Luckily, we’ve found a solution to this problem!

connect itunes store

Thanks to MacRumors, we came to know about the actual cause of this error. In order to overcome this issue simply head over to the Settings > General > Date and Time > Set Automatically > Off. Next change the year to 2013!

Now you will not see this error again. If in case you do, go back to the settings app and define the date and time (set automatically) then go back and use the Passbook or update the app one more time.

I tested this method on my iPhone 5, and so far it worked for me. Did it work for you?


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